Brian Heinen

Brian Heinen

Corporate Events, Team Building Events and Social Media Events based in Spain, Local Producer España Events

Currently employed at Local Producer España Events

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    Helping creative and corporate clients connect and produce in the European market. I want to match my skills as a highly-motivated, persistent, result-driven, people-person with challenging, creative positions and projects. I have the confidence and skills to organize and inspire a large range of personalities from different cultures and multinational backgrounds all over the world –from blue chip VIP’s to grassroots environmental organizations – using my extensive network of suppliers, contacts, locations, artists and other resources in the whole of Spain and beyond. Specialties


Corporate Events, Team Building Events and Social Media Events based in Spain

At Local Producer España Events

From 2006 to Present This is a division of Van Oort Media. A personalized creative boutique consisting of native US, European and local Spanish nationals located in Madrid, Barcelona and London. We specialize in the ability to relate to the local culture and...
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Social Media Strategy , Community and Event Manager based in Spain

At Social Media España & Events

2010 Social Media España is a division of Local Producer España Production. We are an entertainment production group that specializes in creative concepts and implementing the Marketing, Social Media and Communication around live production events, to make sure that through...
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  • Social Media
  • Team building

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  • + Gaming
  • + Live and Corporate Entertainment Production and Conceptualization
  • + On-line Entertainment Platforms
  • + Social Media Manager
  • + Team Building and Events Management