Paul D. Ramirez Tapia

Paul D. Ramirez Tapia

Independent consultant, Independent consultant

Madrid, Spain

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His background

  • Today
    February 2013

    Independent consultant

    Independent consultant

    Actively seeking new challenges in a new project management position!

    ■ Available for short and long term assignments (project manager, project evaluator, business developer, etc.),

    ■ As freelance consultant worked in Short and long term assignments (project manager, project evaluator, business developer, etc.) for programs funded by Spanish agency for international development cooperation (AECID), Andalucian agency (AACID), Organization of American States (OAS), Movement for Peace (MPDL) and European Union in USA, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    ■ Wide experience in Monitoring and Evaluation - M&E (proposal writing, methodology design, data collection tools design, framework, workplan, data analysis, reporting and briefing).

    ■ Hands on experience in managing the full Project Management cycle (including team building, human resources management, project identification, local capacity building, knowledge transfer, local liaison, report writing and evaluation and monitoring).

    ■ Proven experience managing and leading multiculural and multifunctional teams, offering training and networking.
  • Today
    February 2013

    Project Manager, Project Evaluator


    ■ Founding partner
    ■ Led Several Microfinance consultancies teams for local government agencies, several urban real estate projects, urban development planning and project management consultancies, prepared feasibility studies and financial assessments.
    ■ Experienced in backstopping, implementing and evaluating projects in the following field: social inclusion and transformation, local capacity building, public management, community based projects, security, social development, business incubators, human rights, poverty alleviation, public services provision, open source technologies applied to development, Technical Training, disaster management, post emergency, monitoring systems, etc.
    ■ Worked as liaison in projects with key partners, local authorities and agencies assuring the overall direction and integrity of the projects, delivering programmed results, working in close connection with local and international partners and counterparts (Europe, South America, Central America and Middle East).
    ■ Evaluated projects and programmes funded by OAS, EU, IDB, ECHO, AECID, UNDP and DIPECHO (team lead position).
    ■ Field work experience in Central and South America, North Africa, Middle East and Europe.
    ■ Experienced conducting and leading M&E consultancies for different donors in the following fields: national security, human rights, HIV, capacity building, civil society empowerment, knowledge exchange, human development, disaster rehabilitation, education, business incubators, microcredits, WASH, waste management, child rights advocacy projects, social inclusion, gender empowerment, etc.
    ■ Participated in more than 37 M&E assignments worldwide (100k - 4 M Euros).
  • , Paris

    Quality management

    Master in Quality Management and internal Auditing
  • Today
    December 2004
    June 2003

    International consultant

    Poverty Alleviation Program in Giza and El Minia governorate - Egipto

    • Provided project management consulting support services during the implementation and development of one of the biggest Microfinance Middle East Programs (27 branches and 24,000 borrowers/ individual and group lending models).
    • Designed and implemented an online marketing campaign for the Poverty Alleviation Program in Middle East, developing a network of key contacts and stakeholders in Egypt and Jordan, 2001.
    • Supported the Cooperazione Italiana allo Sviluppo in Egypt to develop a new tracking system to increase project performance expanding its coverage to new project´s niches, 2002 (Social Loan Tracking System).

    Notable accomplishments
    • As project manager took part of a specialized task force to re-launch the Microcredit Program all along the country and Middle East, using the latest state of art technology under an open source platform.
    • Developed the Local customer support service and the Online Project Monitoring System (English and Arabic).
    • Supported the Cooperazione Italiana allo Sviluppo in Egypt to develop a new system for the Microcredit program to interconnect, control and enhance the performance of Poverty Alleviation Program PAP - Project to increase project performance and expand its coverage to disadvantages local groups.
  • Today

    Management consultant

    United Nations Development Program - UNDP Egypt

    • Worked as liaison with local beneficiaries, authorities and stakeholders during the field assessment, analysis and design phases.
    • Prepared innovative methodologies improving project workflow and UNDP human resources in Egypt.
    • Provided expertise for the development and implementing a new recruitment system for the Trust Fund Project (system with more than 20.000 online profiles).

    Notable accomplishments
    Supported UNDP and the ICTFUND Egypt (special service agreement) on the initial drafting, preparation and successful delivery of five key ICT development projects aligned with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):
    • Business incubators and ICT for Illiteracy Eradication,
    • Social Loan Tracking System for microfinance,
    • School Managing Systems (computer education),
    • e-library (IT aided learning) and,
    • Content Management System (community based portal) food security, law, rights, social services, health and education data.
  • Today
    December 2002
    April 2002

    Management consultant

    Integrated Migration Information System / IMIS IOM ITSYN Egipto

    ■ Project oriented to hire legally Egyptians for temporal and seasonable jobs in Italy. Joining efforts of Egyptian Ministries, Italian Cooperation, IOM, IDSC and ITSYN.
    ■ ICT Project management supervision, base line analysis and periodical Progress Reports elaboration.
    ■ Provided project management expertise and direct supervision to IMIS project activities to design and implement new components, aimed to increase its performance and reach potential new beneficiaries.
    ■ Responsible for the preparation of advance, mid and final reports. Control of Project deliverables and task force planning.
    ■ Maintained close relation with stakeholders, local authorities, steering committees and international experts.
    ■ Monitored the data collection after project deployment for future service improvements.
    Led the development team, testing processes and selecting the most suitable and innovative technology based on "open source solutions" increasing efficiency, productivity and expected results.
  • Today

    Gerente de proyecto

    ITSYN Peru

    ■ Responsable de la implantación del proyecto “Paper Chip en la ORLC”; sistema de seguridad digital pionero con características de impresión bidimensionales, siendo desarrollado para la Oficina de Registros Públicos de Lima y Callao y el Registro Vehicular de Lima, Perú. Proyecto en plena explotación.
    ■ Modernización y equipamiento tecnológico, transferencia de conocimiento, fortalecimiento institucional y formación
    ■ Fortalecimiento institucional, modernización y formación.
  • project management / marketing

    PEE, "Project Management." & “ICT Strategy for business development on internet”
  • Today
    June 2000

    Gerente de Informática y Estadísticas


    ■ Responsible of ICT project Implementation projects on the Region, supervising and monitoring their execution and development.
    ■ Identified and pursued opportunities to reduce inefficiencies and non-essential costs within the organization
    ■ Led diverse assessments and implemented initiatives that improved performance, including internal management, workflow. and customer satisfaction surveys (public services).
    ■ Periodical report writing.
    ■ Statistical analysis and management reports.
    ■ Knowledge transfer training sessions for regional staff.
    ■ Intensive use of logical framework models
    ■ Responsible of e-government deployment projects in Grau Region.
    ■ Data base maintenance and mining.
  • Today

    Gerente de Presupuesto y Desarrollo


    • Implemented regional public financial controls, through each fiscal year implementing an online financial monitoring system.
    • Regional Public Financial Management budget design and control.
    • Prepared assessments and proposals, interim and final reports, presentations, proposals, projects, etc.
    • Planned and controlled public local investments in close coordination with the management area.
    • Led Staff Training/coaching for the best budget execution and public services quality improvement.
    • Developed detailed reports, proposals, and internal organizational evaluation reports, in order to determine the most productive and cost effective public services offered by SUNARP.
    • Designed monitoring tools to identify and implement good practices and increase best service performances.

    Notable accomplishments
    • Developed and designed several projects to innovate, upgrade and improve the quality of the public services offered to the community by SUNARP.
    • Implemented the National ICT policy monitoring its correct deployment and execution (subject matter expert).
    • Statistical analysis and management performance reports (public services analysis report).
    • Prepared and managed the regional budget, was responsible of the annual project accountability in accordance with national directives (5M Euros).
    • Monitored Outputs and outcomes, providing flexibility in determining correct appropriation of public fund in the Region.
    • Tested, implemented and used CGAP guidelines (Certified Government Auditing Professional).
    • Worked at the regional level coordinating and providing support as Regional Development Manager (SUNARP) in Peru for one of the biggest rural and urban cadastre projects in Latin America (PTRT “Urban land property title project and rural land registry projects”, PETT “Special Project for Land registry and rural Cadastre” funded by International development Bank IDB. Project that was focused in creating a legal and institutional framework to ensure a functional, legal and improved land market; to foster private investment in agriculture, housing and industry involving different stakeholders.
  • Today
    July 1999
    October 1997

    National consultant

    United Nations Development Program - UNDP - PNIC

    ■ Task force member attached to the project PER/93/037 and PER/95/019: "National Registries Modernization project from Lima and Callao", including country capital and five regions, National Vehicle Registry and National Real Estate Registry.
    ■ Prepared and controlled correct delivery of reports, and contractual deliverables and workplan follow up.
    ■ Coordinated contract, vendors, human resources, logistics, for different sub projects.
    ■ Led teams from 5 to 350 workers.
    ■ Project with several national and international awards for its initiative, results and online services provided by ORLC (Public Organization).
    ■ Was promoted from Logistic assistant to National consultant , becoming part of the leading task force.

    Ingenieria administrativa
  • Today

    Asistente del responsable de oficina


    ■ Administración de las actividades diarias de la oficina en coordinación con el responsable de la oficina, coordinación de las contrataciones y transferencias, etc.
    ■ Atención al cliente
    ■ Coordinador coaching del personal de caja
    ■ Gestión del gasto en coordinación de los objetivos de la oficina
    ■ Participación en el desarrollo del plan de desarrollo institucional aplicado en la oficina con la mira en los objetivos institucionales.

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His skills

  • Business Management
  • Consultor
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Director
  • International Project Management
  • New Business Development
  • Project Coordination
  • Quality Management

His languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian

    His hobbies

    Personal Branding SEO networking fishing archery billiards travelling play sax Basket digital reflex drawing

    About him

    I’m a Management Engineer with a Master degree in “Quality Management and ISO 9001 & Internal Auditing” and postgraduate studies in “Project Management & Telecommunications and ICT” and “Business strategy development using internet” having a very good understanding and experience in projects management, microcredits, and real estate business initiatives. Actually I am considering upgrading my certifications with a PMP certificate.

    Nowadays, I am working since 2004 as Project Manager at HASHMASS ACCION SL , where I am responsible for the strategic and new business development and project implementation. Since 1997 I have worked as consultant in different international organizations in Middle East and South America holding mid and senior positions in the Public Real Estate business, International Cooperation and ICT industry. Prior to HASHMASS, I worked at ITSYN, a leading digital ICT company being responsible of the company’s projects in Peru and Egypt, working on projects funded by the Italian Cooperation, IOM, UNDP, PAP, ORLC and PNIC among others, besides of 4 years banking experience in Latinamerica.

    Flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects,Proven relationship-builder with excellent interpersonal skills, Analytical research skills, Adaptable to changes, Problem-solver who can generate workable solutions and resolve complaints, Extensive software proficiency covering wide variety of applications, Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organizational skills

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