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miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013
Tony Patralski
Sales Innovation , Insideoutslab
Barcelona, España
The HR Core Lab - Barcelona, March 20th & 21st 2013
Recruitment, TM, EE

Most recent registrations; Zurich - Switzerland, SIA Forticom - Latvia, Nobel Biocare - Switzerland, HEWLETT-PACKARD - Spain, EUROPEAN BROADCASTING UNION - Switzerland, DHL - CZECH REPUBLIC, & Pfizer - Turkey

By being a member of this group you are entitled to a special promotion including 1 free night accommodation in the hotel of the event (5* Hotel Rey Jaun Carlos) and more.

Send me a line to tony.patralski@teneoevents.eu and I will send you the agenda & up to date participants list and all the details of the special registration.
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