201 have now Registered. Are you Coming?

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013
Tony Patralski
Sales Innovation , Insideoutslab
Barcelona, España
An exciting time is coming for all our our members... As of today you can start counting down the 30 days left until the "HR Core Lab" in sunny Barcelona.

Here are the juicy details so far:
Recruitment * Talent Management * Employee Engagement
201 Registered participants
24 Different countries
22 Different industries

24 Head´s of HR + 7 Global Head´s
15 VP´s
37 HR Directors + 2 Global Director´s
43 HR Managers + 7 Senior Manager´s + 4 Global Managers
7 HRBP´s
7 Ceo´s & Founders & Chairman
5 partners
43 HR

Here is the agenda:

If you haven´t registered yet and want too, its easy. Simply fill out & either email or fax back the last page of the agenda.
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