Alvaro Lafraya

Alvaro Lafraya


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    I am going to explain in a few words who I am and what I did during my academic and ongoing professional career. When you have a look at my CV (attached in the summary) you can see that my profile is quite multidisciplinar and I think it gives me a very special and particular perspective about R&D in Science. Always curious and interested in learning something new, I've been moving from one field to another with a major link between all my jobs in the last 10 years: the enzymes. After finishing my academic course in the University of Zaragoza, my scientific career took a really exciting turning point as I realized I was thriving in carrying out research projects. I found the way to get my dreams come true thanks to Dr. Julio Polaina who gave me the opportunity to know the world of protein engineering and enzymology. After spending more than 5 years in his laboratory located in IATA-CSIC-Valencia I obtained a PhD studying the structure/function relationship of several fungal enzymes, especially the invertase Suc2 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with the objective of improving their transfructosylation capacity in order to produce prebiotic compounds. At the end of my PhD I moved to Madrid to realize my first Post-Doc in the System Biotechnology Laboratory of Dr. Manuel Ferrer in ICP-CSIC and since November 2013 I’m doing my second Post-Doc in LISBP, a laboratory located in Toulouse. During my scientific career I could extend my background in very diverse fields, from microbiology, biochemistry and enzymology to pure chemistry and polymer chemistry and now I consider applying all the knowledge and skills I acquired the last 10 years in public organisms in Spain (CSIC) and France (INRA) by working for a private company. I'm currently looking for a position. Please feel free to reach out to me so we can discuss my motivations and how I could be of help in your projects.


Contrato postdoctoral en síntesis de Glipolímeros

At INRA (Instituto nacional de investigación agronómica). LISBP-INSA. Toulouse, Francia

From noviembre 2013 to julio 2016
Glicosilación enzimática de monómeros sintéticos. Purificación de glico-monómeros. Polimerización radicalaria controlada de diferentes glico-monómeros. Purificación y caracterización de polímeros.

Contrato postdoctoral en Metagenómica

At Instituto de Catálisis (ICP-CSIC). Madrid

From septiembre 2011 to octubre 2013
Screening funcional e "in silico" de librerías fosmídicas Expresión de proteínas heterólogas en E. coli. Caracterización bioquímica de enzimas.

Estudiante predoctoral. Investigación estructura y función de proteínas

At Instituto de Agroquímica y tecnología de alimentos (IATA-CSIC). Valencia

From enero 2006 to junio 2011
Diseño, construcción y producción de diferentes enzimas mutantes. Análisis de su capacidad transglicosilante mediante HPLC-DIONEX

Universidad De Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Lic. Food Science and Technology, Universidad de Zaragoza

From septiembre 2001 to septiembre 2004

Universidad De Navarra, Pamplona

Dipl. Human Nutrition and Dietetic, Universidad de Navarra

From septiembre 1998 to septiembre 2001


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