Gustavo César Gamero

Gustavo César Gamero

Director, Grupo Oremag 3G. Managing Director.

Currently employed at Grupo Oremag 3G


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At Grupo Oremag 3G

From octubre 1986 to Present
Gustavo Cesar Gamero. Purchase and distribution of general clothes: fashion, shoes, accessories, etc. Managing Director. Gustavo C. Gamero -GCG Consulting-. Tfnos: +34 957 603 058 +34 647 146 262
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I.N.B. M.R., Cordoba


From septiembre 2005 to junio 2009


  • Fashion, shoes, accessories
  • Household linen and textiles in general.

Centres d'intérêt

  • Diamonds
  • Gold Mining
  • Gold bullion
  • commodities
  • rough diamonds