Hernán Carrá

Hernán Carrá

Manager, Snood Juice SL

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Currently employed at Snood Juice SL, Consulenza

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    Dear: We’re excited to introduce you to SNOOD JUICE, natural fruit juices, Offering 9 delicious combinations of fruits of 100% juice and organic juice to satisfy the taste and lifestyle requirements of this century’s growing health and wellness generation that is demanding more natural, healthy and organic products they can trust. SNOOD JUICE meets those demands head on by offering 100% juice and organic juice made from the highest quality ingredients, while maintaining exceptional quality and good value. No artificial flavors, No preservatives, GMO free, Gluten free, Allergens Free. Made in European Union, Spain Our factory and head office is located in Murcia, Spain which is privileged to have the ideal environment and climate that creates the perfect agricultural hub for organic life. We export to more than 15 countries, including the United States as our Sales office is based in NY and COLORADO and look forward to the continued expansion of our international reach as we receive more requests from organic produce suppliers and distributors around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to get on board with SNOOD JUICE, to be able to offer your vendors or customers the best 100% Juice and organic juice on the market by visiting our website at www.snoodjuice.com We look forward to becoming one of your healthiest partners. Organically yours,



At Snood Juice SL

From marzo 2010 to Present
We look forward to becoming one of your healthiest partners. www.snoodjuice.com


At Consulenza

From 2006 to Present
Algunas referencias de nuestros clientes se encuentran en la pagina web de la empresa, www.consulenza.es (pestaña Referencias).

Sales Manager

At FoodExports

From febrero 2011 to junio 2016
www.foodexports.eu www.snoodjuice.com www.essenciaoliveoil.com www.essenciaorganicwine.com


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