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  • Hoy
    Enero 2013


    GRP Recruitment Experts is part of the Global Research Professionals Group and specialises the direct search of middle-management professionals.

    -Direct Search
    -Talent Mapping
    -Salary Benchmarking
    -Market Analysis

    Our Divisions:
    -Finance & Banking
    -Legal & Compliance
    -Strategy & Management Consulting
    -Technology & Digital Transformation

    Geographical coverage: Europe, The Americas, Africa and Asia.

    Our mission is to help clients build winning leadership teams and optimise their return on recruiting investment. We do this by leveraging our access to top talent, our brand recognition, our team of professionals and our sensitivity to culture and context.

    Luxembourg: +352 27861390
    Mobile: + 34 691282936
  • Hoy

    Recruitment Consultant

    Factor Humano Consultores

  • Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General

  • Psychology


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Sus aptitudes

  • Business strategy
  • Consultoría
  • Headhunter
  • Recruitment
  • Recursos Humanos

Sus idiomas

  • Español
    ****Lengua materna
  • Inglés

    Su presentación

    I am the Partner of the Global Research Professionals Group. I have worked in headhunting and recruitment for more than six years covering relevant international projects. My main expertise includes the Financial services industry, Energy and Pharma sectors and Consulting firms. My experience includes executive team and director level searches.

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    Atef Jegham
    Mohamed Amalia
    Katherine Themari
    Chairman Ceo

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