Patricia Fernández Carrelo

Patricia Fernández Carrelo

Chief Marketing Officer at Zyncro

Currently employed at Zyncro Tech

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Chief Marketing Officer

At Zyncro Tech

From marzo 2011 to Present
360º marketing (online & offline), branding, corporate communication, community management... and with one sole purpose: lead generation. *Online marketing: Corporate web & landing page optimization, digital content generation, email marketing campaigns, LinkedIn ads *Microsites: Zyncro Developers'...
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Consultant 2.0

At Freelancer

From noviembre 2010 to julio 2011
Consultancy on the use of social networks and corporate blogs as business communication strategy, marketing 2.0, ebranding and digital reputation.

Project Manager

At AutomaticTrans

From enero 2007 to abril 2010
As project manager at Automatic Trans, I coordinated the following tasks: - Multilingual localization, translation and document management projects - Development of technology tools and methodology to assist translation - Development of automated translators (dictionaries, rule systems, translation...
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Research fellow

At University of Deusto

From 2004 to 2007
As a research intern, I had the opportunity to collaborate in the following projects: - Metodología para la edición de textos múltiples mediante etiquetado (Methodology for multiple text editing using mark-up) -Portal Andrés de Poza ( -Euskalki guzietako testu...
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University Of Deusto, Bilbao

Licenciate, University of Deusto

From septiembre 2000 to junio 2004
Spanish Philology


  • Corporate communications
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Event Management
  • Internal communication
  • IT Management
  • Management
  • Marketing online
  • Social Media

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