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CATENON HEADHUNTING CHANNEL (now looking for talented Engineers in France)


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Su trayectoria

  • Hoy

    International Executive Search

    200 - 499 empleados

    Catenon is a leading global talent provider specializing in the global search of professionals.
    Operating in over 70 countries worldwide and with a team of over 20 nationalities, we provide clients to some of the leading multinational companies throughout the globe.
    We have eliminated all geographical barriers of the traditional industry to allow a worldwide search of the best candidates. Our unique business model has been studied by 3 of the 10 top business schools whilst our technology base has revolutionized the industry through our Web2 model.
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Sus aptitudes

  • 2.0 recruiting
  • Business management
  • Business Process Management
  • Hr consultant
  • Management
  • Recruitment
  • Recruitment Specialities

Sus idiomas

  • Inglés
  • Francés
  • Alemán
  • Italiano
  • Portugués
  • Español

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    Su presentación

    At Catenon we do not invest in local professional databases, nor in our own. Nowadays the best suited candidates for a position can be anywhere in the world and identifying them requires the use of technology for a more global reach. For this reason we use technological platforms to access and make use of the 800 million CVs found on the Web In Catenon, the knowledge acquired through different searches about our Clients' market, competitors and candidates is not solely retained by the assigned consultant, but remains in the company and it is shared with our Clients. All thanks to our knowledge architecture and traceability of the market, industry-related candidates, direct competitors... As a result, our service continuously improves in terms of execution time, efficiency and quality At Catenon, we operate as a single, global office, differing from the traditional network of international offices. Our Client chooses the way in which to work with us, and enjoys total flexibility in their relationship at a local and global level with a single Client Relationship ManagerThrough our CTC-WEB2 model, consultants involved in a global process are enrolled in 'knowledge circuits'. Before launching the search, they gain invaluable information about the client, its competitors, the market in which it operates, and past successful profiles. Thus, serving as a starting point for all consultants, regardless of where they are located or when they join the project . Our clients benefit from an online management area, where they can access real-time information on the process from anywhere in the world. They may also actively participate in the process, evaluating candidate profiles and viewing recruitment results, among other functionalities. The management area area is a multi-device and multi-user platform, designed for multiple stake-holders from any part of the world. Enabling more objective and functional evaluation and follow-up of the process (Catenon Client Area).At Catenon, we present the final results of the search in an online Multimedia Report, which contains Technical Filmed Interviews, and a comparative on candidates' assessments, among other features. This support provides the most objective and functional support for candidate evaluation and decision-making from anywhere in the world (SMART).

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    Joe Khalil
    Guillaume FUSEILLER
    • Master M2 Géotechnique- Génie Civil à l'ENSG de Nancy
    A Automaticien Automaticien

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