Carmen Moreno

Carmen Moreno

International Sales Manager at DOMINGO MOLINA S.A.

En poste chez DOMINGO MOLINA S.A.

Précédents : Abogada, Université de Strasbourg


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    THREE GENERATIONS The history of our firm began with Manuel MOLINA who founded a leather tannery at the beginning of 20th century in Lorca - Murcia - Spain Throughout the past century, the baton has been passed through three generations of DOMINGO MOLINA S.A. Their perseverance, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial spirit in the face of an ever-changing industry have guided the company’s direction from the start. These traditional men, intrigued by innovation, set the tone for current and future generations of employees. Though change has been a tradition at DOMINGO MOLINA S.A for three generations, its enduring commitment to its customers, employees, and the quality of its products has produced a truly legendary company. COMPREHENSIVE ENTERPRISE DOMINGO MOLINA S.A. is a comprehensive enterprise. It has a staff of 70 employees and a production of 10 million square foot per year. DOMINGO MOLINA S.A is high-quality and high-tech innovation interwoven with an exceptional material development and production process that takes your materials from creation to production with confidence. It is rapid customer service and responsiveness to your needs and concerns. It is our ongoing investment in technology and personnel to improve product quality. It is total reliability. We have as clients to major national brands, which are loyal to our firm for more than two decades. We are in a period of expansion to international markets where we already have customers in Portugal and France proposing extending it to the rest of Europe. We are aware of the difficult situation facing Europe but we have adequate management, facilities and staff for an expansion in the sector while maintaining our system of quality control of the finished product and the enthusiasm in our vocational work. DOMINGO MOLINA S.A. means doing everything we can to be the first supplier you go to when you need things done right the first time. FACILITIES In the mid-70s was inaugurated the new factory, which is our current headquarters. Since the beginning of 1980 has been a constant expansion, both in existing equipment, staff and goods. In the early 1990s opened the new finishing plant (reference for their modernity) becoming one of the leading companies of the sector. Our manufacturing facilities are considered to be among the best in the industry. All facilities are completely integrated with a computerized control system for material handling, weighing, and mixing. We have the flexibility to handle customers that require specialized attention to improve product and process performance It incorporates an experienced staff of chemists, technicians, a fully equipped prototype lab and the latest in-process quality assurance testing equipment. CERTIFICATIONS Quality is the center of our attention.
DOMINGO MOLINA’s goal is to provide continuous improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the elimination of waste throughout the supply chain. The adaptation to the requirements of quality and the environment has been a constant. Since 2005 is implemented the integrated quality management and environmental system certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. Thus ensure greater customer satisfaction a better employee motivation and a continuous improvement in line with environmental care. Likewise, we ensure that our suppliers comply with the REACH regulation. So our products guarantee a high level of protection of human health and the environment.


International Sales Manager


De septembre 2012 à aujourd'hui
Representant Domingo Molina, S.A. productions du matière de chaussure.

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