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    Since 2002, we offer you a line of cosmetics whose main base is our extra virgin olive oil Organic Natural Park of the Sierra Magina - Andalusia - Spain . We currently have a full range of cosmetic products for hair care and skin . By controlling all phases of production and remaining attentive to your needs , it will guarantee products of the highest quality for a daily healthy , more beautiful. The virgin organic olive oil is produced by the care and attention in the soil of olive trees bloom in the collection that are grown naturally. The lack of herbicides and pesticides in the cultivation, Spot designation of origin Sierra Magina ( Jaen ) grinding and advanced systems , the result of the best olive oil in the world. In our laboratory , we are working to demonstrate the dermatological properties of extra virgin organic and contribute to the diversification of uses to which it is for our oil olive oil, because now one hundred percent of the production is used for food. Why use olive oil in the manufacture of cosmetics? Skin problems , muscle aches and joint pain are symptoms of prolonged exposure to hostile environments where there is exposure : pollution, chemicals, direct sunlight , etc. . Virgin olive oil is an environmentally friendly natural product rich in vitamins and antioxidants combined properly applied daily and offers a relaxing, soothing moisturizer , protector and our skin.



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Commercial representative of a laboratory Spanish of Cosmetic Products containing Olive oil. I seek interested customers for market body oil, freezing shower, facial shampoo, cream hands, cream and soaps. I am bound by contracts and am responsible for permanent way, to negotiate, conclude from the ...
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