Julien MUR

Julien MUR

Senior Consultant, Information Technology

If you're looking for the right IT profile, talk to me first !

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Précédents : JM Internship, Konik


Précédents : EUROMED MANAGEMENT, Université Des Sciences Sociales Toulouse 1


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    Whether you are looking for the right person or the right job, talk to a Hays IT expert first. Hays Information Technology has been at the forefront of IT and technical recruitment for over 30 years. With a network of offices across the globe, job seekers and employers the world over benefit from our consultants’ in-depth knowledge of these highly specialised job markets. The careers of our candidates and requirements of employers are managed by people who are true recruitment experts. This specialist insight means you only deal with people who understand the specifics of these industries and the application of technology within them. Immersed in an industry, your Hays expert has an instinctive feel for the culture of individual companies and the key personalities within them. This is crucial when it comes to getting the right 'fit' for a department or a team. Long working relationships help us look beyond individual appointments. Hays consultants can give you important insight about supply and demand in the jobs markets. For companies, staying ahead of trends in hiring can be a source of competitive advantage. For individuals there is no substitute for understanding the market for your skills.


Senior Consultant

Chez Hays

De janvier 2011 à aujourd'hui
Whether you are looking for the right person or the right job, talk to a Hays expert first. Working with Hays gives you the reach and resources of one of the world's most successful recruitment companies. Yet we're also a team of individual expert consultants. Every one of us focuses exclusively ...
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Chez JM Internship

De avril 2007 à décembre 2010
Interns are becoming a key human resource in businesses across Europe; 4 of every 5 companies recruit interns. Well-managed recruitment is your key to successful intern deployments. JM Internship provides your company with well-qualified interns and the consulting necessary for a successful ...
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Junior Area Manager

Chez Konik

De juin 2006 à septembre 2007
Full management of more than 60 distributors around the Asian area (B2B). The KONIK Group is a leading supplier of Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and Sample Preparation Robotics equipment in true normalised modular instruments with innovative designs to provide unique analytical capabilities, ...
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Spécialité: International Human Ressources Management, Master ESC

De septembre 2004 à juin 2007


  • Information Technology
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  • Recrutement
  • Recrutement 2.0
  • Recrutement de commerciaux
  • Recrutement IT

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