Miguel San Martin

Miguel San Martin


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En poste chez Valvulas Arco

Précédents : VALEO, Valeo, VISTEON, Plastic Omnium


Précédents : ESADE - Business School, IESE Business School


    En résumé

    GENERAL MANAGER INDUSTRY TIER 1 AUTOMOTIVE & METALLURGY 20 YEAR OF INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE (America, Asia, Europe and Africa) I'm engineer, successful international experience as General Manager and Operational Director in the automotive and metallurgy industry. From 1994 up to 2012, I spent 18 years in the automotive equipment industry. I started as program manager at Plastic Omnium. I moved to management positions in Visteon and Valeo as program director. Later I moved to operational management positions in Valeo as plant manager in several countries. At last, I became general manager at Valeo. In 2012, after 30 years of expatriation, I decided to return to my country of origin, change business sector and entering into the metallurgy field at Valvulas Arco, a major european player in the field of valves production, as General Manager. During these last 20 years of successful professional life, I capitalized a long experience of general management, always in B to B, most of the time embracing big challenges of change management, start-up operations and turnaround of the company. Through my career, I was widely exposed to international as I lived and worked in several countries of 4 continents (America, Europe, Africa and Asia). Speaking about skills and abilities successfully applied, I can cite: General Manger. International operational and functional management. Business, strategy and P&L management. Turnaround. Restructuring. Production optimization. Start-up of new industrial plants. New programs Industrialization. Lean manufacturing. International business programs. Kaizen attitude. 5S's. TPM. SMED. Hoshin. TQM. QRQC. SPV. Physical flows. Human resources management. Social partnerships management (CE, DP). Labor unions management. Management of security and work conditions (CHSCT). I speak French, Spanish, English, with basic notions in Italian and Portuguese. My mobility is worldwide. Thanks to all people allowed me to have my today experience...


Director General - General Manager

Chez Valvulas Arco

De janvier 2012 à aujourd'hui
General Management & Strategy. General Manager – 3 industrial sites in Valence Spain and Sousse Tunisia. Designing, manufacturing, and selling valves, fittings, fluids control systems: water, gas and heating. Turnover 2016 of 65 M€ in 81 countries, 500 employees.

ESADE - Business School, Barcelona

Digital Marketing and Sales Management, Digital Marketing and Sales Management

De mars 2015 à juin 2015
The program provides the knowledge to become integral managers with deep knowledge of digital ecosystem. Professionals to master new environments, tools and channels with confidence, being able to create and lead successful strategies in the digital era.

ESADE - Business School, Barcelona

Marketing and Sales Management, Marketing and Sales Management

De janvier 2014 à décembre 2014
Program Overview: As the competitive environment has evolved and grown increasingly tough, companies and executives have found that they must provide more value than ever before. On this new playing field, there is only one path to success: applying a correct sales strategy. This includes defining ...
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ESADE - Business School, Barcelona

Financial Management, Financial Management

De mai 2013 à décembre 2013
Goals: Providing a systematic approach to the analysis of corporate operations that enable the creation of value from Financial Management point of view. In particular, the program provide a global vision, enabling it to analyze financial statements, make investment decisions, to know company ...
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ESADE - Business School, Barcelona

General Management, Program for Management and Leadership Development (PLD)

De janvier 2012 à mai 2013
Goals: The main aim of this program is to develop the knowledge and skills of the participating executives to the full by providing a springboard for achieving their career goals.

General Manager


De janvier 2011 à décembre 2011
General Management. General Manager – Industrial plant in Querétaro, Mexico. Design and manufacture of main headlamps with LED, xenon or halogen technology; Daytime running lights (DRLs) with LEDs or traditional bulbs; Rear lights and high-mounted stop lamps with LEDs or traditional bulbs; Fog ...
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Plant Manager

Chez Valeo

De janvier 2009 à décembre 2010
Plant Management. Director of industrial plant – Industrial plant in San Luis Potosí, México. Design and manufacture of torque converters and flywheels – Projection for 2013: 150M USD investment, Turnover 200M USD, 1000 employees. * Successful star-up operations in a world crisis environment: ...
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Plant Manager


De août 2008 à décembre 2008
Plant Management. Director of industrial plant – Industrial plant in Querétaro, México – Manufacture of friction coatings and flywheels – Turnover 25M USD/year, 350 employees. Assembly processes, vulcanizing presses, heat treatment. * Relocation of activity in India, Mexico, France and China in ...
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Production Business Unit Manager


De décembre 2005 à août 2008
APU Manager. Business Unit Production Manager – Industrial plant in Amiens, France – Design and manufacture of clutches, friction, Lock-up and flexible flywheels – Turnover 150M €/year, 850 employees. Stamping processes, Machining, TTH and Assembly. * Responsibility perimeter: 7 lines for clutch ...
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Program Directeur


De février 2001 à décembre 2005
Program Director for process reengineering and standardization program - world wide scope – Workplace in headquarters Paris, France. Investment of 300M € in 5 years. Global BPR* Program and implementation of SAP in Valeo Group for 80 strategic production plants in 17 countries. (*)BPR: ...
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Program Manager


De juillet 1999 à février 2001
Program Manager for process reengineering and standardization program - Europe and South America scope – Workplace Paris- France, Detroit - USA and in Industrial plant, Gondecourt, Lille, France. Investment of 8M € in 3 years. Global BPR* Program and implementation of SAP in 7 strategic Visteon ...
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Project Manager

Chez Plastic Omnium

De février 1998 à juin 1999
Project Manager for process reengineering and standardization program - Europe scope – Workplace in headquarters in Levallois, France. Investment of 10M € in 3 years. Global BPR Program in 10 strategic industrial plants of Plastic Omnium in 3 countries. (*)BPR: Business process reengineering.


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