Youssef EL mansouri

Youssef EL mansouri

Key Account Manager - Customer Experience & CRM Cloud Solutions Oracle

☁ Helping companies improve their Costumer Experience Service ☁

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Précédents : Protexion, Alps Electric, Demiel Mexico , Demiel Mexico


Précédents : Negocia Novancia Business School Paris (CCIP), Aston University, Université François Rabelais De Tours, Lycée Jean Zay


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    WHAT IS ORACLE SERVICE CLOUD? With Oracle, we are working very hard global large companies to improve the Customer experience everyday. Our main objective is to improve customer service management strategy using SAAS solutions and automation of key processes. Many references among leaders of the following markets trust us : ☁Heavy construction ☁Healthcare ☁Automotive manufacturing ☁Professional services ☁High tecnologies Bare in mind that today, customers give you only one chance to make a good impression. A single misstep and statistics show us that 89% of them will go to the competition. Current executives say that they lose 20% of revenue a year due to poor customer experience. This is why we highlight the importance of having an outstanding multi-channel customer service to meet your changing consumers' needs. A digital customer service is now a strategic imperative. To our customers, using Oracle Service Cloud means: ☁ Reducing the volume of inbound/outbound calls by setting up other communication channels ☁ Improving the resolution rate of the 1st call ☁ Increased customer satisfaction ☁ Increased customer retention rate and agents ☁ Turning costs of your customer service into business generation Do not hesitate to contact me, I remain connected and available to discuss these topics through Linkedin, email or phone. kindly, Youssef El mansouri ☁ Helping Costumer Experience Service of companies modernize and improve the relationship with their clients - SaaS - Oracle Service Cloud ☁ * Expressed Views are my own views and not Reflecting Oracle *


Key Account Manager - Customer Experience & CRM Cloud Solutions Oracle

Chez Oracle

De janvier 2016 à aujourd'hui
- Helping customers meet their clients' expectations in order to increase their satisfaction - Being a Trusted Advisor on Customer experience solutions. - Working as a team to provide an exceptional customer experience . == > With Oracle cloud Service solutions, we enable companies to ...
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Chez Protexion

De juin 2009 à septembre 2009
Commercial: Prospection téléphonique ou terrain. Démarchage des prospects dans leurs entreprises ou leurs domiciles. Présentation de nos services + signature de contrat. Présentation lors de showrooms

Lycée Jean Zay, Orleans


De septembre 2007 à juin 2009

Assistant Export

Chez Alps Electric

De janvier 2009 à avril 2009
Gestion des opération import-export .


Chez Demiel Mexico

De avril 2008 à juillet 2008
La société Demiel Mexico est implantée dans le cœur de la capitale Mexicaine. Elle pense, manufacture et exporte tous types de produits alimentaire à base de miel à travers différentes gammes tel que le miel standard, les produits de gamme sport (barres de céréale ou boissons énergisantes) ainsi ...
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Assistant export / Prospection international / Marketing

Chez Demiel Mexico

De avril 2008 à juillet 2008
PROSPECTION INTERNATIONAL: - Démarchage et suivi par mail/téléphone de prospects Européens ( particulièrement UK, France , Espagne et Allemagne) EXPORTATION: - Propositions d'offres aux clients selon différents INCOTERM à travers les factures PRO Format. - Gestion du transport et ...
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